The workbook Zelf starten met Nederlands teaches people how to read, understand, speak and write the Dutch language.

This method is meant for:

  1. those who cannot read or are used to a language written in a different alphabet
  2. people whose first language isn’t Dutch, regardless of their prior education

This is a self-study method, which means that anyone can use it on their own. However, it is recommended to enlist the help of a partner/supporter. Instructions for the lessons can be found in the handbook. The vocabulary list and audio CDs provide the necessary support.

The method consists of:

  1. instructions for use in the support language
  2. 50 Dutch lessons
  3. a vocabulary list including all of the new words in each lesson, translated into the support language (in the handbook)
  4. illustrations
  5. a spoken version of all texts and instructions
  6. four tests
  7. a list of antonyms
  8. answers
  9. an index of all words with references to the relevant lessons

The digital practice programme contains the same lessons as the book.