Zelf starten met Nederlands e-learning is an extensive digital practice programme. The programme is suitable for people who cannot read and those who are used to a different alphabet, no matter what their prior education is. Short, medium and long versions of the programme are offered.

In addition to the lessons included in the book, the digital practice programme also offers 19 lessons that were developed specifically for people who cannot read or are used to a different alphabet.

The lessons, the translations into the support language, the illustrations and the spoken texts are fully integrated. The programme also records your results.

The programme consists of:

  1. three learning routes:
    1. 1. for people who cannot read or are unfamiliar with the Latin alphabet
    2. for people with low or medium level education
    3. for people with a higher education
    4. a total of 50 lessons with accompanying exercises
    5. 19 lessons for people who cannot read or are used to a different alphabet
    6. videos introducing each lesson
    7. illustrations
    8. word translations in the support language (also available as spoken text)
    9. instructions in Dutch and the support language (also available as spoken text)
    10. feedback on the answers
    11. possibility to record and play back what you are saying
    12. four tests with lists of antonyms
    13. illustrated vocabulary list
    14. instructional videos explaining how to use the practice programme

    You can use this programme online available until the end of 2019 by logging in at E-learning, using the code that is supplied in the study pack.
    If you don’t have Internet access on your computer, you can run the programme using the e-learning DVD.
    Your partner/supporter can also log in into the online practice programme and check on your progress. To do so, he/she can use the same log-in code.

    System requirements

    The DVD is suitable for computers with:

    1. Windows (98 or later),
    2. Mac OS X (10.2 PPC or later),
    3. Linux (RedHat 7.3 or later).

    In addition, you will need a DVD player, a sound card for playing the audio files, and a microphone for recording and playing back your answers.

    More information about the use of the e-learning programme can be found under the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).