Welcome to Zelf starten met Nederlands

This website is meant for migrant workers from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, as well as their partners or supporters.
An increasing number of Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian men and women come to the Netherlands to work here for a few months, several years or an undetermined amount of time. It is important that these migrant workers learn to speak and write the Dutch language. Otherwise they will not be able to communicate with their employer, read safety instructions for machinery or talk to their colleagues. Knowledge of the Dutch society is important as well. This learning method pays extensive attention to topics that are significant to migrant workers who come to live and work here temporarily or for a longer period of time. The method can be used in the country of origin as well as in the Netherlands.



This website and the online training program accompanying ‘Zelf starten met Nederlands’ will be accessible until December 31st 2019. You will be able to access and use your account up to that point, after which it will be cancelled.